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"I believe that the culinary journey is an endless exploration, a continuous evolution of flavors, techniques, and creativity. Embracing this notion, I chose to become a chef, driven by the conviction that my education will forever be a vibrant tapestry of learning, innovation, and mastery."


Gurkha Bar & Restaurant

Gurkha Bar & Restaurant Musselburgh

Nepalese food is becoming more popular world wide because of the authentic taste and succulent flavours.

The Gurkha Bar & Restaurant is the first Nepalese restaurant in ‘the honest toun’ Musselburgh, serving our mouth-watering Nepalese cuisine and your all time old Indian favourites.

Gurkha Bar & Restaurant is a unique place to enjoy with your friends and family! Our young experienced and enthusiastic team pay great attention to turn your evening into a wonderful, memorable evening out with a huge variety of authentic and exotic Nepalese and Indian dishes and the perfect hospitality.

With the atmosphere, the sounds of Nepal playing in the background, along with the mix of modern and Nepalese décor, a great bar with good quality food and friendly service makes Gurkha a perfect setting to eat out. Whether it be casual, corporate, special occasion or any other function, Gurkha can cater to your needs. Just talk to us.

Come and visit us! Experience the Himalayan Nation Nepal in Musselburgh

About Gurkhas

“Better to die than be a coward” is the motto of the world-famous Nepalese Gurkha soldiers who are an integral part of the British Army.

The potential of these warriors was first realised by the British at the height of their empire-building in the last century.The Victorians identified them as a “martial race”, perceiving in them particularly masculine qualities of toughness.

After suffering heavy casualties in the invasion of Nepal, the British East India Company signed a hasty peace deal in 1815, which also allowed it to recruit from the ranks of the former enemy. Following the partition of India in 1947, an agreement between Nepal, India and Britain meant four Gurkha regiments from the Indian army were transferred to the British Army, eventually becoming the Gurkha Brigade. Since then, the Gurkhas have loyally fought for the British all over the world, receiving 13 Victoria Crosses between them. More than 200,000 fought in the two world wars, and in the past 50 years they have served in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Borneo, Cyprus, the Falklands, Kosovo and now in Iraq and Afghanistan.They serve in a variety of roles, mainly in the infantry but with significant numbers of engineers, logisticians and signals specialists.

The name “Gurkha” comes from the hill town of Gorkha from which the Nepalese kingdom had expanded.

“Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had a country more faithful friends than you” – Sir Ralph Turner MC, 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifles, 1931

“They are tough, they are brave, they are durable, they are amenable to discipline.” – Anon

“Gurkha Soldiers, Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends then you”. – Professor Sir Ralph Turner

“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.” – Sir Sam Manekshaw

“There is No safer place to be then with Gurkhas” – Prince Harry

They still carry into battle their traditional weapon – an 18-inch long curved knife known as the kukri. In times past, it was said that once a kukri was drawn in battle, it had to “taste blood” – if not, its owner had to cut himself before returning it to its sheath.

Now, the Gurkhas say, it is used mainly for cooking and this is where we come in at Gurkha, to celebrate them with the taste of food.

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